Food and Drugs Authority tells butchers not to process meat with car tyres

FDAThe Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned Ghanaians to avoid consuming meat processed with car tyres since it poses health hazard to them.

Mr Albert Adomah, a Senior Regulatory Officer at the FDA in the Western Region, told the Ghana News Agency in Takoradi, that the smoke from car tyres used in synching hides of animals contain poisonous chemicals and heavy metals that are often deposited in the meat.

Therefore, he said, anyone who consumes such meat has the high risk of consuming carbon mono-oxide as well as quantities of iron, zinc, copper, lead, mercury and conium.

He said such chemicals and heavy metals could be accumulated into the liver, the brain and other vital organs of the body.

Mr Adomah observed that when the chemicals exceed the body’s toxicity level, consumers could develop hypertension, nausea, stomach upset, cancer, and affect the intelligent quotient of children.

The FDA Regulatory Officer therefore warned butchers operating at the new Takoradi abattoir in the twin city and other slaughter houses across the country, to desist from using car tyres to burn animal hides.

Mr Adomah indicated that a sensitisation programme would be organised for all butchers operating in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis, to educate them on some health risk associated with processing meat with car tyres

He said ideally, meat should be processed with gas facility that does not emit smoke and poisonous chemicals.

He also butchers to cover meat properly before transporting them to the market and treat meat in a hygienic condition.

Mr Adomah gave the assurance that the Authority would work closely with the Environmental Health Department of the Assembly, to ensure that butchers at New Takoradi are moved from their present site to Whindo by March this year where gas facility had been constructed for their operations.

Source: GNA

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