Ghana Post to roll out e-shopping

Ghana PostThe Ghana Post is to introduce electronic commerce (e-commerce) to provide the opportunity for clients to shop on-line while using its services.

Mr. Anthony Avorkliya, the Ashanti Regional Head of the Company, said shoppers everywhere could buy items and these would be delivered at their doorsteps.

This, he told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview, was part of the initiative to diversify its business operations to remain viable and competitive on the market.

He said they were working hard to improve the economic fortunes of the company grow, and to remain in business.

Ghana Post, which has been weaned off government’s support, has a workforce of 1,500 and Mr. Avorkliya insisted the company was doing well.

The services, it has been providing include cash post (domestic), money transfer, e-vouchers, scratch cards, educational envelops for students looking for admission into various institutions and on-line application system for students.

He said clients could also transact business with the Registrar General Department through the use of its services.

The company would continue to add to its products to enhance profitability, he added.

Source: GNA

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