Illegal mining said to be affecting Bui Dam

Bui Dam
Bui Dam

Mr Chrisentus Kuunifaa, Natural Resource Manager at Bui Power Authority has indicated that activities of illegal miners in the area are adversely affecting power transmission from the Bui Dam.

He explained that the Dam needs a good vegetation cover to protect the facility in order to generate power but the illegal mining operations is depleting the forests resulting in evaporation, which reduces water in the reservoir.

Mr Kuunifaa made this known when Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru, Northern Regional Minister led a team of government functionaries to tour illegal mining often referred to as “Galamsey” sites in the Bole District including the Bui Dam site.

He said the chemicals used by the miners pollute the Dam.

Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru, expressed concern about the wanton destruction of the environment, and gave the assurance that pragmatic measures would be put in place to ensure that the practice stopped.

Mr Samuel Darko, Mole National Park Manager, also complained about eight illegal mining sites in the district, which started about two years ago.

He said the activities had been extended to the forest and called on the Regional Security Council to step in to address the problem.

Mr Ebenezer Larbi, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, said there are laid down procedures for people that want to engage in mining and these must be followed.

Source: GNA

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