National ‘Kakamotobi’ Association to organize street festival

EdinabronyaThe National ‘Kakamotobi’ Association says it would organise a two-day National Kakamotobi Street Festival dubbed: “Motobi Street Festival from December 5 to December 6.

Organisers of the event, Ghana Domestic Tourism Company said it is being organised to create a platform for both children and adults to have fun, as well as promote the medium of kakamotobi for education, national unity and entertainment.

In addition the event would help promote kakamotobi as an art form locally and internationally, promote Ghana by participating in international street festivals and create outdoor fun and leisure for children and adults.

Also, the event would help revive and sustain kakamotobi art form as uniquely Ghanaian, contribute to domestic tourism, revitalise Ghanaian arts form and creativity, and research into Ghanaian arts.

A release issued by the Press Secretary, Ghana Association of Kakamotobi (GAK), and copied to Ghana News Agency, revealed that, the event would commence with a street procession of organised groups through the principal streets of Accra.

The procession would end at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, where there would be a kakamotobi dance competition for the best motobi of the year.

There would also be a funfare for participants which would bring together over a hundred kakamotobi’s from around the country.

The founder and Chief Executive of Ghana Kakamotobi Association Barima Adu Asamoa said: “I think we as a nation are endowed with some unique cultural art forms and practices that need to be researched with the view of redefining and adding value to it.

“Motobi Fest 2015 is one such example, it is unique and those of us in the creative arts and private sector need the support of relevant institutions to put Ghana on the cultural map of the world and also create jobs for the youth.”

The event is been organised in association with Event Management Association of Ghana and GAK with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

The event would start at 8am and end at 5pm each day.

Source: GNA

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