‘Cartoon is satire’ exhibition opens in Accra

Cartoon1A Ghanaian scholar has organized what is Ghana’s second cartoons exhibition in the capital Accra. Available information indicate that the first ever cartoon exhibition in Ghana was about 30 years ago.

Dr. Joseph Oduro-Frimpong of Ashesi University curated the works of some of the most visible cartoonists in Ghana and showcased them at the Alliance Française exhibition centre.

The cartoonists whose works are on display at the three week exhibition include ‘Makaveli’, ‘Daavi’, ‘Akosua’, ‘Anadan’ and the ‘Black Narrator’.

The works include social, political and religious satire.http://www.ghanabusinessnews.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

According to the exhibition statement, its title ‘This Cartoon is Satire’, is to highlight a pervasive but jaundiced view of cartoons as ‘mere entertainment.

“One goal of this exhibition is to reject and hence correct this endemic one-dimensional perception about cartoons and to advocate for a broader understanding of this popular media genre as ‘critical entertainment,” it adds.

In his remarks Dr. Frimpong announced the establishment of a Center for Popular Culture at Ashesi University.

“This will be a centre where people would come and engage in intellectual discussions of popular culture,” he told ghanabusinessnews.com on the sidelines of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs till February 8, 2015.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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