Deployment of Asogli warriors misplaced – Ghana Police

PoliceThe Volta Regional Police Command Thursday said concerns of Asogli Chiefs about Police inaction in tackling upsurge of criminal activities in the Ho Municipality warranting deployment of warriors in place of the personnel, is grossly misplaced.

A statement signed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae, Regional Police Commander said the crime situation is not out of hand.

“The crime situation in Ho is not very different from what pertains in other places. It is therefore not out of hand,” the statement said.

It said although it would not begrudge the chiefs for making an observation about issues pertaining to Ho, “it baffles us that they could not make an attempt to seek the version of the Police on the crime situation in the Municipality”.

The Command claimed “per our records, there haven’t been as many cases as they are referring to,” and that in some cases “the Police were swift and averted actual occurrence of the crimes”.

The statement said the Wednesday evening armed robbery attack on the Foresight Hospital in Ho could not have been prevented by any form of policing, not even by Asogli Warriors”.

The chiefs at a meeting expressed dismay at the rising crime in the Municipality with the police seemingly marooned.

The chiefs said they would release “Asogli Warriors” to take over security.

Source: GNA

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