SkyTeam completes security services at selected airports

SkyteamSkyTeam, the global airline alliance, has completed the rollout of SkyPriority across its global network, offering a ‘red carpet treatment’ to Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers at more than 1,000 airports worldwide.

To further enhance the benefits offered under SkyPriority, SkyTeam has also announced the launch of Fast-Track lanes at security and immigration for top-customers.

A statement issued to the GNA said SkyTeam was working with airports authorities at its top airports to roll out fast-track security and immigration services.

The services would be rolled-out across the top 60 global airports.

Currently 39 out of the 60 top airports have already implemented security fast track service while immigration fast track service has been rolled out in 21 airports.

Michael Wisbrun, SkyTeam’s Managing Director, said: “SkyPriority is the first alliance-branded service to be successfully implemented globally. We have a significant increase in our customer satisfaction ratings that directly corresponds to the service rollout across our network.

“By offering fast-track services at our 27 hubs and further 33 top airports that are served by more than six SkyTeam members; we are demonstrating our continued commitment to enhancing the travel experience for our top global customers,” he said.

To help customers make the most of services on offer, SkyTeam also launched an easy-to-use SkyPriority Finder tool on

Simply by entering their departure, arrival and transit airports and the airline they are flying with, customers can discover which SkyPriority services will be available to them at every point during their travels.

Source: GNA

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