Fulani herdsmen’s cattle destroy crops

CattleThe Afram Plains District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police Ade Baadu has advised Fulani cattle owners to employ more headsmen to control their animals to avoid destruction of farms as the area enters the dry season.

He said the Police at Donkorkrom have received complaints from food crop farmers about the destruction of their crops by Fulani cattle that hadmoved from nearby districts in the Volta Region for greener pastures in the area.

S.P. Baadu said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) Media Auditing and Tracking of Development Project in the district team at Donkorkrom.

He said crop farmers complained that large number of Fulani cattle moved through their maize, yam, groundnut and vegetable farms in the night to destroy the crops and even could not identify them to demand compensation from the owners.

He urged the head of the Fulani community in the Afram Plains, Alhaji Osmanu to educate the headsmen to respect the rights of other farmers in the area.

The GNA/STAR-Ghana Media Auditing and Tracking of Development Project was initiated to promote transparency, social accountability and good governance.

Source: GNA

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