Ghana Tourism Authority inaugurates board

Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, has inaugurated Board of Directors of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Ghana Tourist Development Company (GTDC), in accordance with Act 817 of the governing board.

The board which is to work in collaboration with both entities to ensure developmental gains in the country.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare congratulated members for graciously accepting the invitation to serve on the board.

She explained that  the Ghana Tourist Development Company, as a Public Limited Liability Company registered under the companies Code of 1963 provides an obligatory role for members and urged them to be up to the task to enable them deliver on promise.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare charged  the board to ensure and manage the implementation and assurance of compliance with the regulations developed in accordance with the Tourism Act (817) of 2011 as well as overseeing the administration of the Tourism Development fund and ensure that the fund is used for the required purpose.

She noted that the development of standards and guidelines for designs for use of tourist attractions and enterprises to reflect Ghanaian Culture more also grant licences for the tourism industry, regulation and supervision.

She said in relating to the Ghana Tourist Development Company (GTDC), a para-statal organisation with shareholding interests with the Tourism Authority, Bank of Ghana and State Insurance Company there is the need for promotion and mobilisation of resources for investment in tourism undertakings and services.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare thus said seeking of equity participation in joint ventures with Ghanaians as well as foreign concerns and individuals and carrying out other businesses which may be profitable to the operation of the company is of huge importance to both entities and should be handled a such.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare therefore suggested that the board come out with prudent measures for the allocation, disbursement and management of funds.

She however urged the new board to make relentless efforts to position GTDC as a catalystic building partner to attract foreign and local investmentd in the various enterprises for sustained quality tourism in Ghana.

She appealed to the boards to conduct their business in a professional manner, distinctive from the day to day administration and management of the two organisations such that the board’s oversight role would avoid usurpation of functions, to help promote harmony, cordial and peaceful industrial relations for enhanced productivity.

Mr Akunu Dake, Chairman of GTA expressed gratitude to the President for such an opportunity and the responsibility bestowed on them and promised that with the cooperation of members they would work effectively to attain success.

Mr Edem Kpodo, Chairman of GTDC, pledged  the team’s determination to ensure good partnership to meet the goals and objectives of the organisation for development.

Source: GNA

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