Artisans association appeal to government

Mr. Gideon Bidor Yaw, President of the Artisans Association of Ghana, has appealed to the government to provide land for artisans.

“We appeal to the government and traditional leaders to give us a piece of land which would be developed into a modern artisan market to be named the African Market,” he said.

Mr. Yaw was speaking at the launch of the Association in Tema.

“The houses, schools and public places are all the works of artisans, yet in this country, artisans are not given the kind of support they need,” Mr Yaw said.

He said most artisans were not employed in the public sector, making them work by the road side, “where they are always being chased by the authorities and sacked, day in day out”.

Mr. Yaw said such unfavorable conditions, resulted in most artisans living in poverty and squalor.

He urged the government and other concerned individuals and organizations to come to the assistance of artisans in the country, adding that they were hard working people, who would easily excel with a little help.

Mr. Yaw said the Association would do all in its power to improve upon the living conditions of artisans in the country.

Source: GNA

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