National Service Scheme gets new Board Members

Prof. Jane OpokuProfessor. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang, Minister of Education on Monday inaugurated  the Board of the  Ghana National Service Scheme, in accordance with Sections 10 and 11 of the Service Scheme Act.

The new board is expected to work in collaboration with the management of the scheme, to create opportunities for service personnel and the growth of the scheme.

Prof Naana Agyemang said  the board is to control and manage the scheme on matters of policy, negotiate with an employer for the continued employment of citizens in the field in which they have completed their  national service.

She said, the board in appropriate cases, would take steps to enable citizens enter the field of self-employed, or any other field of entrepreneurship, and shall access the manpower needs of the Republic as well as advise government on the continued employment of citizens who complete their national service.

She said, the scheme over the years, has made significant strides in shaping the manpower requirements of this country through various training schemes and initiatives.

Prof. Naana Agyemang, however, suggested that the board be mindful of internal resolution of matters and avoidance of unnecessary external interventions.

She called for the  proper management of finances and procedures as explained in the Act, and said  postings should  be consistent with national needs, and as well, improve performance in all areas of endeavours.

She reminded the board members of the complementary nature of their roles, adding that the Ministry expects the board to offer sound realistic policy direction, advice, and above all, support for management to implement strategies of the Scheme.

Prof. Naana Agyemang said the Ministry expects the board to collaborate with stakeholders to help solve the youth unemployment which is a great global challenge of the 21st Century.

“We are aware of the funding difficulties that the scheme encounters, and therefore charge the board to help as intermediaries between management and the Government to help solve financial matters”.

Mrs Gifty Mahama Biyira, Chairperson of the National Service Scheme Board, expressed gratitude to the President for the confidence reposed in members, adding that they would perform their responsibilities with the utmost professionalism, good faith, full commitment and dedication.

Mrs. Biyira said the increasing number of National Service persons annually is a major challenge,  and gave the assurance that it would be their focus.

She said what happened to personnel after their service would be a national priority of the board, adding that policies and programmes to deepen the entrepreneurial and managerial skills will be pursued with the aim of providing secured job opportunities for the Service Personnel.

She, therefore, assured the management of team work and partnership for the overall success of the scheme.

Source: GNA

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