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System to check corruption in award of contracts launched

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Corruption 2A Programme and procurement implementation management information system has been launched to ensure transparency in the award and execution of government contracts.

The new accounting software is also to provide a framework that will give Ghanaians the platform to be abreast of happenings in government agencies in the country.

The project, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD), is primarily to halt the arbitrary award of contracts and to help the government in the fight against corruption in the country.

At the launch of the system, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Kwasi Opong Fosu, said the enterprise was an initiative of President Mahama to bring transparency and accountability to the planning, contracting, procurement, monitoring and implementation processes of public projects and programmes.

The  motive for the establishment of the contract portal, the minister added, was to ensure proletarian democracy, hence the need to engage the public to influence decision making by the government.

“Citizens of Ghana want transparency and accountability and expect their government to involve them in decision making,” he said.

The MLGRD, he said, had decided to embark on an open government initiative to meet its mandate for good local governance and grassroots democracy.

Practicability of the contract portal

The portal would provide the means for the local government institution to collaborate with its stakeholders and interface with the public.

The system would also afford the public the chance to send in their comments by uploading pictures and videos to share their concerns to the appropriate authorities whenever they had issues or problems that needed to be addressed.

The portal in itself would automatically log activities and capture relevant data and information that would enable the efficient management of operations and business processes.

The general public would also have the chance to promote transparency and accountability in governance, since some of the data gathered would be published online for them to deliberate and send their feedback for easy implementation.

As part of the smooth running of the system, the MLGRD has trained over 700 employees in the sector to ensure its success.

A call centre has also been established to support users of the new system with an improved investment in an ICT infrastructure to facilitate digital activities and online engagement among the various publics and appropriate stakeholders.
Source: Daily Graphic

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