CSIR urges Ghanaian research scientists to remain ethical

GSBDr A. B. Salifu, Director-General of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Wednesday urged research scientists to remain ethical in their research delivery to effect change in communities.

Dr Salifu said this at a two day research ethics conference organised to bring together research scientists, institutional review boards, the academic publishing houses and the public from across the country to identify through dialogue the various ethical dilemmas in doing research to uplift the standard of research in Ghana.

He said ethics is fast becoming an integral component of governance across the world and should be use to improve science to ensure that it was used in line with the expectations of society.

Dr Salifu said ethical issues ranges from respect for fundamental human right to respect for privacy thus the need to strengthen and raise awareness on the role of ethics in research through conferences, seminars and workshops.

Dr Salifu appealed to the government of Ghana to establish a National Ethics Committee (NEC) which would have national oversight on all research in the country.

Dr Joseph Addo Ampofo, Director of CSIR-Water Research Institute, affirmed that it was gratifying to note that Ghana was taking concrete steps to sensitize its researchers in this direction and preparing them for rapidly changing face of research.

Source: GNA

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