Government asked to speed up policy on charcoal production

charcoalParticipants at the National Forest Forum at the weekend called on government to speed up the process of developing a policy on charcoal while pursuing sustainable options for expanding the use of energy –saving fuel stoves.

In a communiqué issued at the end of this year’s Forum, the participants urged government to subject to the policy of charcoal to a wider stakeholder participation and consultation.

It asked the Forestry Commission to promote the planting of fast-growing species specifically for charcoal production in order to reduce the pressure on natural forests.

Ms Fatima Eshun, a participant who is also a PHD student explained to Ghana News Agency  that it is important the a policy on charcoal does not only consider technology transfer but support the needy to have the necessary equipment for sustainable production

“A charcoal policy should consider the use of agro-waste for charcoal production in addition to promoting fast-growing species,” she added

The communiqué expressed concern about the rapid rate of deforestation, high cost of environmental degradation, weak enforcement of the forest laws and regulations and contradictions in forest sector legislation.

It also raised concerns about compensations for destroyed crops, which should be based on real and prevailing market values.

The communiqué called on the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to help farmers whose crops are destroyed to be duly compensated.

Source: GNA

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