Ghana will import timber in five years – FC

TimberMr Peter Zormelo of the Timber Industry and Development Division of the Forestry Commission on Thursday said Ghana may be forced to import large quantities of logs if the depletion of the forests continues.

He expressed concern about the speed at which the forests have been depleted in the last 100 years and said from about 8.5 million hectares of forest, Ghana now has a forest cover of 1.8 million.

Mr Zormelo was speaking at the on-going National Forest Forum, a platform where stakeholders in the forest industry meet to discuss issues of concern to the industry.

The forum organised by Civic Response, a non-governmental organisation also seeks to create better collaboration and networking among stakeholders and communities for effective governance of forest resources.

Mr Zormelo said some companies are already importing logs in small quantities but explained that it is expensive to do so.

“The Timber Industry and Development Division of the Forestry Commission is therefore working together the Customs division of Ghana Revenue Authority and other stakeholders to regularise such imports to enable the industry import in large quantities and therefore reduce cost,” he said.

Mr Zormelo advised players in the industry to venture into bamboo plantation since it is very lucrative, saying “good bamboo can be used for anything”.

Source: GNA

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