Pantang residents call for relocation of dumping site

waste-1Mr Elvis Akuamoah, Chairman, Coalition of Residence Association  in Pantang on Tuesday called on Government and other stakeholders to put a stop to the dumping of refuse in the vicinity with immediate effect.

Mr Akuamoah said the dumping of refuse within the residential area is inappropriate and hazardous, and as such has serious implications to residents, especially those in the Pantang hospital.

In a media interaction he said the activity was a clear violation of the economic and social rights law as guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution.

Mr Akuamoah noted that the continuous burning of garbage mostly in the night and during the day is carcinogenic and is exposing residents to cancer.

He said the exposure to smoke, flies, and bad odour has affected students and children within the area as well as businesses.

Mr Akuamoah said the dumping site had contaminated water bodies and had become breeding ground for criminals who terrorise the people.

He said there is the need for officials to sit up and be held accountable for the unacceptable conduct and lapses.

Madam Linda Ghati said the problem has prevented residents from enjoying or receiving fresh air in their homes.

Mr Johnny Row Quashi called on government to work on the situation as soon as possible as it is causing serious health problems to the people.

Source: GNA

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