African governments must improve rural infrastructure to curb migration – Expert

market1Dr Mahmoud Meskoub, from the Institute of Social Studies, in The Netherlands, has urged African governments to improve access to health, education and infrastructure in the rural areas as a means to tackle migration.

He said to improve rural livelihoods, urban economies should be managed in linkage with rural economies in a way that services in rural areas and access to education and health are better for the dwellers.

Dr Meskoub was presenting a paper on Managing Migration, Urbanisation and its Impact on Peri-Urban Livelihoods at a Public Lecture, hosted by the Presbyterian University College (PUC), in Accra as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.

The lecture aimed at bringing academic research to bear on policy formulation for proper management in urbanisation, was  on the theme: “Managing Migration-Induced Urbanisation and its Impact on Peripheral Livelihoods.”

Dr Meskoub said migration that normally results in peri-urbananisation was as a result of lack of access to land, houses or property rights and expensive house rents.

He said policies should therefore be directed on promoting rights and not stemming migration.

Dr Meskoub said it is not migration that undermines rural economy and development in the developing world, but lack of services and infrastructure such as health and education.

Giving a historical overview of migration, he said migration and mobility has been a feature of life and activity, while the forces that drive it as well as the dynamics have been changing with the way human beings have organised and managed their economic activities.

Source: GNA

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