Tomato prices rise – Survey

market-womanThere is relative stability in commodity prices across the various market centres in the country, the Esoko-GNA market survey has shown.

The survey conducted in market centres in Accra and Koforidua showed that except for tomatoes, all other commodity prices were unchanged compared to the same period last week.

At the Koforidua markets, commodity prices have extended their stability for the seventh consecutive week on Friday.

There was, however, a slight increase in the price of tomatoes, which traders attributed to the change in the weather pattern.

The price of a bowl of tomatoes rises to GH¢6.00 compared to GH¢5.00 at the close of the previous week.

Three tubers of yam in the Koforidua market sold for GH¢5.00 while a bunch of plantain is going for GH¢8.00.

At the market centres in Makola, Tema Station and Osu, prices of commodities were stable with the exception of the price of tomatoes, which is on the increase.

At the Osu Night Market, a trader said a box of fresh tomatoes had gone up three fold to about GH¢400 from GH¢100 some weeks ago.

The trader attributed the vast price difference to recent hike in fuel prices, resulting in high transport charges by drivers.

A tuber of yam is going for between GH¢3.00 and GH¢4.00 depending on the size.

At the Makola and Tema Station markets, the price of tomatoes has jumped to GH¢15.00 from GH¢10.00 in the previous week.

Three tubers of yam are being sold for GH¢10.00 while four  fingers of plantain are going for GH¢2.00 down from last week’s price of GH¢4.00.

Prices of red pepper and green pepper are stable at GH¢5.00 and a bowl of beans at GH¢6.00.

Source: GNA

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