Multi stakeholder approach needed to tackle Ghana’s human rights problems – ActionAid

witch-camp-1Alhaji Yakubu Saani, Deputy Country Director of ActionAid Ghana, on Wednesday said a vulnerable society could not make life better if the public sector and civil society organizations failed to adhere to right based approaches to solving these problems.

Alhaji Saani said women continued to face violence such as widowhood rites, sexual violence, abductions which needed multi-stakeholder approach to tackle since they were human rights issues

He said some cultural practices continued to deprive women of landed property and their inability to access services in the agricultural sector such as extension services.

Mr Saani said this in an interview with Ghana News Agency in Tamale during a workshop organized for the media by AAG Ghana to refresh the media on issues of Human Rights based approach (HRBA), activities it had undertaken so far and new dimensions of development.

He said access to quality education by children and regional disparity in the distribution of teachers undermined the performance and progress of children in these areas.

Mr Saani said the government’s inability to resource sectors charged to address these issues adequately made the commitment level of such actors low in addressing such problems and called for prudent actionable measures in tackling such issues.

He said government’s inability to allocate inadequate resources for the vulnerable was because of the low level of commitment in addressing specific needs of vulnerable people.

Source: GNA

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