Chief Justice Wood forges national integration

Chief Justice Georgina Wood
Chief Justice Georgina Wood

Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, Chief Justice, has called on Ghanaians to play down their differences and promote their common grounds.

“We must practice the Heavenly Grace of reflecting on what binds us, rather than dwelling on those divisive factors that polarise us,” she said.

Mrs Wood made the call as the Guest Speaker, at the launch of a book entitled: “Heaven to Earth; applying the Lord’s Prayer to Everyday Life,” in Tema.

It was on the theme: “Peace and national cohesion through tolerance.”

She said a nation that promotes cohesion, is progressive and cannot fail.

“A nation like that is bound to succeed in every aspect of its growth,” she stressed.

She said tolerance does not mean condoning wrong doing adding: “Tolerance is not an escape route for the in-disciplined. It does not mean acting with impunity and not expecting to be sanctioned.”

Mrs Wood said it is important for the older generation to imbue in the youth, a culture of tolerance and decency.

“A legacy of tolerance, civility and mutual respect in our public debates, is one of the best legacies we can leave for the next generation, the young minds who are looking up to us for direction.”

Reverend Isaac Fokuo, a Senior Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and Author of the book, said the Lord’s Prayer which is the core topic of the book, had to do with every area of human life.

The 222 page book, consists of 19 chapters, and sheds light on the Prayer and its significance on everyday lives of people and the society.

Source: GNA

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