Rawlings calls for public support to fight corruption

Former President JJ Rawlings
Former President JJ Rawlings

Former President Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has called for public support to assist President John Dramani Mahama to efficiently manage the country and rid it of corruption.

In a keynote address at this year’s Hogbetsotso festival of the people of Anlo,  Flt Lt Rawlings noted that although  President Mahama is a fine leader “who perhaps is too gentle for the current political dispensation, some personalities around him have attributes, that cannot auger well for the smooth management of the state”.

He called on opinion leaders such as chiefs and the Council of State not to hesitate to point out the truth to the President because he has the country’s interest at heart and could only succeed if his advisors do not hide facts from him.

Ex-President Rawlings who was the special guest of honour at the annual Hogbetsotso festival held at Anloga on Saturday, said people have a responsibility to endorse leadership that protects the people and supports socio-economic development that benefits not only a select few.

“Fighting injustice requires us to be resolute and be above reproach. Our society cannot progress if at community level we do not embrace qualities of truth, equity, accountability and integrity.

“While leadership at traditional and political level have to uphold these noble principles you the ordinary people have to embrace noble lifestyles that will benefit our young ones, who have become victims of westernisation and crass pursuit of materialism.

“Crimes such as murder, rape, armed robbery and corruption have become the order of the day not only at national and urban level but also at the… grassroots.

“We need to wake up and confront these negative incursions into our society because they pose serious danger to the very survival of our communities. That sense of purpose and unity that binds us together is almost lost on us,” the former President said.

Source: GNA

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