Police Combat Ready to keep Ghana safe – IGP

IGP Mohammed Alhassan
IGP Mohammed Alhassan

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) on Friday said the police were combat ready to keep Ghana safe.

“We are aware of the ever changing dynamics in criminal activities and well prepared to keep our country safe,” he said.

Mr. Alhassan said this at the graduation ceremony of 140 police personnel, who went through a month’s specialized police training with focus on Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).

The personnel were equipped to handle critical security situations including terrorism, hostage rescuing, violent crimes, mob action, robbery and the protection of VIPs and vital installations.

Mr. Alhassan said the country could not pretend to be unconcerned about happenings in the World, thus the resolve of the police to keep training to be able to meet any security challenge.

“We are aware of the cross border activities of criminals and have put our men in the right frame of mind to identify, confront and meet those challenges,” he stated.

Mr. Alhassan called for support from the public, saying, “at least an eye sees every criminal activity so the public should help the police with information on criminal activities.”

Mr. John Kudalor, Director-General of Police Operations said “though we are not praying for anything bad, we are combat ready.

“The saying goes that, trust in God but keep your gunpowder dry, so we are ready,” he emphasized.

The personnel engaged in 45 minutes simulation exercise, demonstrating how to handle weapons, cross obstacles, rescue captives and movements in hostile zones.


Source: GNA

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