Court jails robbers 90 years

prisonAn Accra Circuit Court on Monday sentenced Constable Peter Nogma, a policeman, Paul Atiase, a businessman, and Pascal Fella, a Computer Analyst to a total of 90 years imprisonment for robbery and conspiracy to commit crime.

Peter, Paul and Pascal were all sentenced to 30 years each for robbery and 20 years for conspiracy to commit crime. The sentences will run concurrently.

The three pleaded not guilty.

The convicts robbed one Kwame Odartey Abel of 30 packets of ‘AA’ and ‘BB’ cartridges valued GHc420.00, belonging to one Edward Agyekum.

Mr Ashong Okai, Assistant State Attorney, told the court that the complainant was a licensed arms or ammunition dealer from Agona Swedru.

He said on June 15 2009, at about 1200 noon, the complaint went to the store of one Kwabena Okyere and bought 30 packets of ‘AA’ and ‘BB’ cartridges valued at GHc 420.00 and left them in the care of one Kwame Odartey, a porter at the Swedru GPRTU lorry station CMB, Accra.

Mr Okai said after the complainant had left for shopping, the accused persons confronted Odartey and showed him a police ID card bearing the name Peter and told him the goods under his care were illegal and brought out a pair of handcuffs.

He said they threatened to handcuff him but he refused and told them he was not the owner of the goods and gave out the mobile number of the complainant.

They refused to call the owner of the goods and collected the cartridges and gave out their number to be given to the complainant.

The prosecution said the complainant reported the matter to the Central Police Station but when their number was called there was no response and the policeman stationed there also denied knowing them.

He said on July 7 2009, a police identification parade was conducted and the convicts were identified by Odartey, and their statements were later taken.


Source: GNA

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  1. kessyjay says

    I do know keeping people in jail cost money and that money is being paid by the tax payer.

    90 years for stealing. Has anyone done any studies to prove that all these long years jail has any benefit in deterring crime or is of benefit to society as a whole.

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