Central Presbytery celebrates silver jubilee

The Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has celebrated its home-coming and silver jubilee to outline future prospects of the Church.

Addressing the congregation, Rev Dr Samuel Ayete-Nyampong, Clerk of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, urged members to live as children of the light because the fruit of light consists of goodness, righteousness and truth.

The theme for the occasion was “The Fruit of the Holy Spirit and the Believer.”

The Clerk of the General Assembly, asked church members to do away with negative tendencies that could affect the development of the church.

Rev Dr Ayete-Nyampong urged members to use the silver jubilee celebration to make reforms to ensure the rapid growth.

He urged church members to desist from hatred, adultery, litigation and other unhealthy lifestyles which inhibit development of the presbyteries.

In a sermon, Rev Prof Adow Obeng, Vice President of the Central University College, urged stakeholders of the Central Presbytery, to take the bull by the horns to improve the image of the Presbytery.

He urged them to take immediate steps to take stock of the past and make amends to improve the fortunes of the church.

Rev Prof Obeng asked Ghanaians to bear fruits of the Holy Spirit, adding that the country is facing numerous economic, political and social difficulties due to certain lifestyles by some Ghanaians.

He urged the church members to eschew hatred, immorality and all forms of evil which bring conflict into society.

He said pastors and members needed collaborative efforts to improve the infrastructural development of the church.

Rev Eric Ampiaw, Chairperson of the Central Presbytery of the Church, said leaders and the entire membership are working hard towards her growth.

The Chairperson said the Presbytery was carved out of the Western Presbytery in 1987.

Rev Ampiaw said the presbytery had embarked on income-generating ventures by cultivating teak trees, cocoa farms, oil palm and citrus plantations to improve the financial position of the churc


Source: GNA

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