Adaklu DCE wants restraint while Assembly tackles development deficit

market1Mr. Emmanuel Ganaku, the Adaklu District Chief Executive, has appealed to people in the district to exercise restraint while the Assembly tackles the developmental deficit of the area.

He said the Assembly would not shirk its responsibility of providing the people with their basic needs but the assembly could not tackle all projects at a go and called for restraint.

Mr. Ganaku made the appeal when he inspected work on the repair work of the bridge on River Tordzie near Waya, the district capital.

The bridge, which was built in the colonial days, has 10 tunnels but eight were choked with sand forcing the river to flow over the bridge whenever it rained heavily.

Togbe Agbobada IV, Senior Divisional Chief of Adaklu Traditional Area, recently appealed to government to dredge the bridge as a matter of urgency to prevent the yearly disruption of vehicular movement over the bridge through Adaklu-Waya to the Akatsi-North, Akatsi-South districts and other marketing centres.

He said “anytime it rains the water flows over the bridge cutting about 20 communities from Adaklu-Waya, the district capital, the Akatsi South and Akatsi Northdistricts and other marketing centres”.

Mr. Ganaku said the Assembly responded swiftly to the appeal to alleviate the suffering of the people and also avoid loss of revenue due to the Assembly.

He said he was pleased with progress of work and commended the contractor for the seriousness he attached to it.

He said the Assembly had plans to turn the bank of the river near the bridge into a recreational centre adding that trees would be planted along the bank.

Mr. Justice Osei Bonsu, Managing Director of Reggio Company Limited, the contractor, assured the DCE that they hoped to complete the project by the end of October, assuring that “the annual ritual of the river overflowing the bridge will be a thing of the past”.

Source: GNA

  1. Habel Segbe says

    For the fact that there are a lot developmental projects to be tackled in the District, we need to be patient and prioritise these projects. We equally need to be patient with the DCE, and rally behind him as he steers the affairs of the District. The fact that the District is made up of so many towns and villages, is challenging task for the DCE. We need to know that all our problems cannot be attended to at the same time.
    It behooves opinion leaders in our towns and villages to explain to the people, the role they have to play to speed up development of the District. ADAKLU DISTRICT IS A UNIQUE ONE, LET US ALL HELP BUILD IT.

  2. Anonymous says

    For the Adaklu District to meet its revenue target in future, we need to establish at least 3 markets in the area. And we need to do this as early as possible. The area need to develop and cannot develop without adequate Internally Generated Fund.

    Segbe Habel Agbee

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