UNDP presents mobile phones to Health Ministry

Ms Sherry Ayittey - Health Minister
Ms Sherry Ayittey – Health Minister

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Wednesday presented mobile phones and laptops to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to enhance health service delivery and promote telemedicine.

The donation which included 72 mobile phones and 21 laptops was also aimed at integrating climate change into the management of priority health risks in the country.

Ms Sherry Ayittey, the Sector Minister said creating a climate change resilient health system requires a combination of activities that would reduce risk and vulnerability to people.

“It also requires that we are able to provide a safety net to those who are vulnerable and to provide a recovery path to what effect climate change has on our health system”, she added.

She said over the last 18 months, the Ministry had worked to establish a pilot scheme in three districts as a way of identifying key actions that would help the districts health systems to face the challenges of climate change.

The minister said within the period, a number of initiatives took place in the Bongo, Gomoa and Keta districts to define a robust frame work for action.

“We have undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the health sector and the capacities of the districts to determine local response to climate change.”

She said the steps taken would enhance the capacity of the pilot districts to overcome some of the physical challenges in health care delivery.

“We are providing you with a geographic information system, a geographic positioning system and laptops to enable you translate your data into easily understandable maps to enable quick actions as to where those health events are emanating from,” Ms Ayittey said.

She noted that capacity enhancement helps to plan and manage district-wide responses.

This, will ensure that all sectors work together in the face of challenges impose on the country by changes in climate, hence the development of tools for communication to improve the overall awareness at the district level.

Ms Ayittey said the introduction of tele-consultation in the three pilot districts would help in the effective management of patients with the help of doctors.

Mr Isaac Adams, Chief Director Research Statistics and Information Management at the MOH said several work took place during the pilot, which had help the Ministry to adopt some learning approaches to deal with climate change.

“We are in the process of building capacities to meet objectives that will help us combat climate change,” he said.

Dr Yaw Ofori Yeboah, Gomoa West District Director of Health said the effect of climate change is evident in his district.

He therefore expressed appreciation to UNDP as well as the Global Environment Facility for targeting the district to control the menace.

Source: GNA

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