Internal wrangling said to be derailing development at Bolga Assembly

market1The Upper East Regional Minister, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru has noted with dismay the internal wrangling at the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, and has called for an end to all hostilities.

He said the situation was affecting the Assembly adversely and denying the people the needed development, as the bickering often led to suspension of work on projects, and the setting up of committees to investigate claims at the expense of development.

The Minister expressed the concern when the Adenze Committee of Enquiry tasked to investigate allegations of financial malfeasance and non-performance levelled against the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Edward Ayagle, presented its report to  him in Bolgatanga.

The MCE’s  accusers, a group made up of members of the Municipal Assembly, also alleged in their petition that he had misapplied some monies collected as revenue by a special taskforce of the Assembly instead of using those funds for development projects, and called for his removal from office.

Following these accusations, the Regional Minister was tasked by the President to set up a committee of enquiry to investigate the matter which led to the formation of a five-member Committee chaired by Mr David Adeenze Kangah, a Member of the Council of State.

The Regional Minister expressed regret at the turmoil within the Assembly that prevented it from accessing funds such as the Urban Development Grants from the Ministry of Local Government for development.

He said the Assembly members had put their personal sentiments ahead of the work of the Assembly, a situation that was hindering the development of the Municipality, which also serves as the Regional capital.

The Minister said there were laid down procedures, including the Standing Orders, which the Assembly members could  have adopted to address their concerns, but noted however that  the “pull him down syndrome” was rife in the area, particularly among politicians.

He explained that the canker manifested during the recent confirmation of District Chief Executives in the Region where majority of Assembly members rejected some DCEs just because of personal hatred.

Alhaji Mohammed–Muniru admonished the Assembly member to reflect deeply on the purpose for which they were put in the Assembly and chart a new path to accelerate the development of the Municipality.

He assured members of the Assembly that the report would be forwarded to the President and that the outcome would be communicated to them.

Presenting the 15-page report, the Chairman of the Committee did not disclose its contents but hinted that there were “triggers” and that people were aggrieved.

Source: GNA

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