PPP holds anti-corruption demonstration

DemonstrationThe Progressive People’s Party (PPP) on Thursday embarked on its long awaited demonstration against alleged corruption in the country.

The demonstration which had as its theme “Ayefe Notse Demonstration”, started from the Obra Spot at  Kwame Nkrumah Circle, marched through some of the principal streets of Accra and ended at the Arts Centre .

The protesters held placards some of which read; “Say No to corruption,”  “Incorruptible leadership, our goal,” “Chop, chop go kill Ghana,” and “Put our interest first.”

Mr William Dowokpor, Convener of the PPP Anti-Corruption Campaign Coalition, who addressed demonstrators, said the PPP led coalition against corruption blamed the country’s inability to attain sustainable economic growth on corruption and bad governance.

He said the coalition believed the 22 legislations on the country’s statute books and the anti-corruption law recently approved by Cabinet would not make any meaningful impact in the fight against corruption unless the nation’s governance infrastructure was reformed.

“The coalition is advocating the Office of the Attorney-General to be turned into an independent Prosecutor’s Office separate from the Ministry of Justice in order to remove the office from the negative influence of partisan politics” he added.

Mr Dowokpor said the Coalition was also seeking to separate the Legislature (Parliament) from the Executive (Presidency) so that effective checks and balances could operate without fear or favour.

He said they were advocating for popular elections at the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) so that the electorate would have the opportunity to elect their own Chief Executives.

Mr Kofi Asamoah Siaw, National Secretary of PPP, alleged there was an increasing spate of corruption in the country and demanded accountability in the management of public resources.

That, he said, would remove the political impediments that prevent the prosecution of public office holders found to be corrupt.

He said they will not be submitting any petitions to government since the issues the demonstration was trying to highlight have already been discussed extensively.

The demonstration was carried out amidst heavy police presence to ensure that it  was peaceful and orderly.

Source: GNA

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