Senior Ghanaian citizen, Awoonor killed in Kenya gun attack

Prof. Kofi Awoonor
Prof. Kofi Awoonor

A senior Ghanaian citizen and former Professor at the University of Ghana has been killed in the Kenya mall attack Saturday September 21, 2013.

Ghana government officials have confirmed that Prof. Kofi Awoonor, 78, is among the 39 persons killed by the gunmen.

A press statement from the Ministry of Information says “Government regrets to announce the death of former Chairman of the Council of State, Prof. Kofi Awoonor in Nairobi, Kenya this morning.

Prof. Awoonor died from injuries sustained during an attack on the Westgate  Shopping Mall in Nairobi this morning which Somali militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for.

Ghana’s High Commission in Kenya has confirmed Prof Awoonor’s untimely passing and indicated that his son who also sustained injuries in the attack, survived and is currently responding to treatment.”

About 100 people were injured.

The Somali terrorist group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the killings.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

  1. Van-Dycke says

    May the Soul of the Professor rest in peace. He was a very nice man.

  2. Ochuko Atake says

    Dzogbese Lisa has treated me thus

    It has led me among the sharps of the forest

    Returning is not possible

    And going forward is a great difficulty

    The affairs of this world are like the chameleon faeces

    Into which I have stepped

    When I clean it cannot go.

    I am on the world’s extreme corner,

    I am not sitting in the row with the eminent

    But those who are lucky

    Sit in the middle and forget

    I am on the world’s extreme corner

    I can only go beyond and forget.

    My people, I have been somewhere

    If I turn here, the rain beats me

    If I turn there the sun burns me

    The firewood of this world

    Is for only those who can take heart

    That is why not all can gather it.

    The world is not good for anybody

    But you are so happy with your fate;

    Alas! the travelers are back

    All covered with debt.

    Something has happened to me

    The things so great that I cannot weep;

    I have no sons to fire the gun when I die

    And no daughter to wail when I close my mouth

    I have wandered on the wilderness

    The great wilderness men call life

    The rain has beaten me,

    And the sharp stumps cut as keen as knives

    I shall go beyond and rest.

    I have no kin and no brother,

    Death has made war upon our house;

    And Kpeti’s great household is no more,

    Only the broken fence stands;

    And those who dared not look in his face

    Have come out as men.

    How well their pride is with them.

    Let those gone before take note

    They have treated their offspring badly.

    What is the wailing for?

    Somebody is dead. Agosu himself

    Alas! a snake has bitten me

    My right arm is broken,

    And the tree on which I lean is fallen.

    Agosi if you go tell them,

    Tell Nyidevu, Kpeti, and Kove

    That they have done us evil;

    Tell them their house is falling

    And the trees in the fence

    Have been eaten by termites;

    That the martels curse them.

    Ask them why they idle there

    While we suffer, and eat sand.

    And the crow and the vulture

    Hover always above our broken fences

    And strangers walk over our portion.

  3. Paul Nuwordu says

    Why the precious ones do not last in this sad world of ours? Prof. rest in peace.

  4. he is the man i believe in.

  5. kasavubu mordzi says

    This Earth, My Brother!
    …because of a rat, a brother killed a brother.
    Ironically, because of a poets’ confab he lost his life.
    Nyidevu; the cow that removes canoes under fishermen, de nyuie.
    This earth, my brother indeed!!


    May you sleep peacefully in the quiet of night
    May your spirits soar like an eagle in flight
    May there be an end to your feelings so blue
    May the healing hand of God reach out to you.


  7. William Herrick says

    I can not imagine any rationale for killing this man.
    He exuded rationality and tranquility and peace.
    He was a person possessing a “Great Soul”, a mahatma.

    The world is much much poorer today.

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