Ethics Africa condemns irresponsible media

media2Ethics Africa has commemorated this year’s international Media Ethics Day in Ghana condemning irresponsible journalism which has led to the collapse of the media centre.

“Many journalists have allowed themselves to be controlled by politicians, who own most of these media houses making it difficult for journalists to go by the ethics of the profession”.

The condemnation was given by some senior journalists who gathered to observe the day, third to be observed here in Accra.

Ethics Africa is a non-governmental organization seeking the improvement of media ethics in Ghana as well as Africa.

Mr Osei Kojo, a Media Law Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism described the profession as a noble one and urged the Ghanaian media to abide by the code of ethics governing the profession.

Participants from media institutions who gathered for the commemoration commended the hard work of some journalists who respect the ethics and called for the need for Ghanaian media to celebrate the International Ethics day in Ghana to educate and constantly remind them of the ethics of the profession.

“Unethical journalism could affect the development of the nation negatively…” participants noted.

Source: GNA

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