President must win in eight regions – Director

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

Mrs Esther Hamilton, Director of the Light of the World School Complex, has suggested that in future a presidential candidate must win election in not less than eight regions before he is declared the winner.

Mrs Hamilton told the GNA in an interview that Ghana is a heterogeneous country with more than 20 ethnic groups, therefore one or two tribes could not elect a President for the whole country.

“The President must enjoy the support of the majority of the tribes,” she said in reaction to calls for electoral reforms.

Mrs Hamilton appealed to political parties to ensure that their campaigns were spread to cover a wide area to enable their presidential candidates to win in more regions.

She said if the President won in more regions he or she could command the respect of the majority of Ghanaians instead of a section of the populace and appealed to parties to stop relying on certain tribes for their election fortunes as that could cause the country dearly someday.

Mrs Hamilton called for the shifting of the general election date from December to October to enable any dispute that might arise as the result of the election to be settled before the swearing-in of the President-elect in January.

Source: GNA

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