Chinese firm contracted to repair dilapidated Kpeshie Bridge

Alhaji Amidu Sulemana - Roads Minister
Alhaji Amidu Sulemana – Roads Minister

Rehabilitation works on the Kpeshie Bridge in Accra will begin in earnest to avert any danger to road users, Minister of Roads and Highways, Alhaji Amin Amidu Sulemani, said on Wednesday.

The present state of the bridge, which links road users from La to Teshie and Tema has become a source of concern to drivers who ply the route.

China Water and Electric Company Limited has been contracted by the Department of Urban Roads to undertake the works, expected to begin in November and completed by December, this year.

The dilapidated structure exposes some of the rusty iron rods, cracks on the beams, making it frail and dangerous to use.

The Minister disclosed this to the media when he toured the Kpeshie Bridge, the Kpeshie Bypass road, the Old Ad road also known as the Lashibi road and the coastal road along the Sakumono and Tema.

He was accompanied by the Chief Director of the Ministry, Dr Daniel Darku, the Chief Executive of the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), Mr Michael Abbey, the Director of Department of Urban Roads, Mr Abass Awolu, and the Director of Feeder Roads, Mr George Afful Aidoo.

The Minister said repair work would not affect vehicular flow and explained that a 36-meter Bailey Bridge would be put on the mid-section of the Kpeshie Lagoon, while work was being carried out.

The Kpeshie Bridge is scheduled to be reconstructed along with the widening of the 16.1 kilometre La Beach road estimated to cost $96 million.

The amount is part of the expected $3 billion Chinese loan.

However, Alhaji Suleiman said an immediate remedial works has become necessary to guarantee the safety of road users to use the bridge daily whilst awaiting the Chinese loan.

Mr Emmanuel Degbotse, a consultant on the project, reiterated that work would not affect vehicular flow very much in that the Bailey Bridge would be constructed on the mid-section of the Kpeshie Lagoon, while work was carried out.

He said the contractor would use pre-cast concrete, which would only take about five weeks to complete the works.

The contractor working on the 7-kilometre Bush Road, Messrs Frandesco, who started work in 2009, was said to have abandoned work on site as there was no work going on at the time of the visit.

The Bush Road, an alternative to motorists avoiding the rush hour traffic jam from La to Teshie and beyond is being executed at the cost of GHȼ16 million.

The Bush Road includes minor works along the Zenith College, Tami, Agbawe and Akutuso roads.

Alhaji Sulemani told the media that though there were earlier challenges with funding, but the contractor had been paid, and was expected to start work, adding that he would be invited to a discussion after which the Ministry would take the appropriate action.

The Minister said the contract with Messrs Mawum to execute the Old Ada Road, has been terminated for non-performance. A new contractor, China Railway Wuju Corporation, is to complete the project. The company, which began its work this September has 12 months to complete the GH¢8 million project.

The Nungua Barrier towards Tema stretch has deteriorated and needs an emergency rehabilitation work to make it motorable, the Minister said.

The deteriorated section is to be executed under the phase two of the widening of the La Beach Road.

The 16-kilometre La Beach project beginning from the Independence Arch to the Nungua Barrier and the Harbour Roundabout will be constructed under the first and second phase of the project and would commerce when the Chinese loan turns up.

Source: GNA

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