CeDI-Africa calls for engagement of politicians

CedI-Africa, an NGO, has called for a pragmatic approach that would engage the energies of every Ghanaian to build a great and strong nation “as our national anthem enjoins us to do”, it said in a statement issued in Accra on Wednesday.

It said the “winner-takes-all” nature of politics in Ghana, coupled with the acrimonious style of politicking, would keep the country underdeveloped unless a pragmatic approach was found to unite the nation for development.

The statement signed by Lawyer Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, Director of Policy and Human Rights, CeDI-Africa and copied to the Ghana News Agency, therefore proposed the concept of “Legacy Projects” for consideration of all citizens and policy makers, where eminent citizens who had demonstrated the willingness to serve in public would be awarded projects, geared towards solving some of the nation’s urgent challenges.

It mentioned projects like eradicating particular diseases, solving problems in education, community development as well as research into relevant issues, as some of the programmes that could be allocated to such personalities to undertake to help build the country.

“The persons involved would have a singular purpose and focus and the success or failure of the projects would be directly attributable to them”, the statement said.

Funding could be looked at in a number of ways. Firstly, the person who is awarded the legacy project could use his international influence to attract funding for the project. Secondly, the nation could institute a legacy project fund from which funds could be drawn, the statement indicated.

CeDI-Africa was willing to assist with guidance on institutionalizing this concept.

Source: GNA

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