Don’t politicize Supreme Court ruling – ICU

Ghanaians have been called to accept the ruling of the Supreme Court and avoid reading meanings tainted with political affiliations into it.

Mr Solomon Kotei, General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial workers Union (ICU), who made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the week-end, said this would help ensure that the current peace and stability the country is enjoying continues to prevail.

He said what Ghanaians were expecting was the ruling and the cogent verdict given was out of the nine Justices professional experience.

“As a people we need to accept it and we cannot continue to read meanings into it, and thereby spreading erroneous impressions about people in authority,” Mr Kotei said.

He said in situations like this when judgements are given, various opinions may be formed, but it was essential that everyone accepts the ruling adding  the victors in their celebration should not go beyond the accepted norms.

Mr Kortey appealed to all social and political commentators, to be mindful of the use of the media by politicians and their supporters to foment trouble.

He said the ICU commends Nana Akufu Addo for accepting the outcome of the verdict in the interest of the nation -without saying more and “we should all learn from that”.

He said Ghana would become a model for other nations to follow only if all and sundry work towards sustaining the current peace and stability being enjoyed, “we are making history and violence would not be countenanced”.

Source: GNA

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