Ghana’s Cabinet approves Property Rights of Spouses Bill

market-womanGhana’s Cabinet has passed the Property Rights of Spouses Bill, and forwarded it to Parliament for consideration.

Mr Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, a Deputy Minister for Information and Media Relations, announced this at the daily media briefings, at the Flagstaff House, Kanda.

He said Cabinet looked at the various controversies in the bill and Parliament would also iron out the ‘rough edges’ of the bill before consideration.

Mr Mohammed said clause three of Article 22 of  the 1992 Constitution requires equal access to property acquired by the family either throughout their lives or sometimes after marriage.

The passage of the bill into law would, therefore, give legal entitlement to spouses to inherit property acquired during their marriage time.

Mr Mohammed said although the bill has so far not cleared the air on the type of entitlement and what kind of marriage that would qualify spouses for entitlement, the outcome would be favorable.

The Deputy Minister said the current situation where spouses, especially women, are denied property of the family in the event of the death of the husband would no longer be acceptable if the bill is passed into law.

Source: GNA

  1. Jones says

    This is a step in the right direction and long overdue since my father’s property is being harassed by distance relatives and continuous harrasment on my sisters by these thugs. This bill should be pass sooner. It a shame if your mother have care for your father and children throughout the marriage including the mans newphews and nieces but in the end have fought for what belongs to her and the children

  2. JJ says

    Even here what aquired during the marriage when there is split the property is divided in half for both spouses and doesn’t matter if one of them is working or not

  3. KATE says

    Marriage is not an investment opportunity for people to just get married and become rich overnight especially when they seek divorce.
    if the law is to protect the interest of a spouse who dies intestate then it’s okay. what if your wife divorces you and succeeds in taking a chunk of your fortune only to remarry your rival and moves into a house you built with your hard earned money whilst she sits in the house doing house hold chores (or vice versa) . this could trigger a heart-attack!!. this law is not in the interest of men. i am seriously against it’s passage into law.

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