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Samsung says positive over Africa’s development

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Business_SamsungSamsung remains extremely positive about the ongoing developments within Africa, despite challenges such as transport/logistics and inadequate electricity infrastructure, George Ferreira, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Samsung Electronics Africa, has said.

He said: “Samsung Electronics Africa understands the real rather than perceived operational risks, allowing us to develop products that are truly ‘Built For Africa.”

A statement from Samsung Ghana on Tuesday said Samsung Electronics Africa was actively involved in providing resources to the ICT sector and had also introduced a number of products that would result in an increasing adoption of higher levels of primary, secondary and tertiary education levels.

The Ernst & Young Africa Attractiveness Survey shows a noticeable growth in ICT (14%, up from 8% in 2012), financial services (13%, up from 6% in 2012), and education (which came from virtually nowhere to register 10% this year).

There is a huge demand in Africa for both improvements in infrastructure and embracing and reducing the dire skills shortage.

“By offering products that enhance communication for all citizens, by partnering with like-minded companies and by providing a foundation and transport mechanism for globally bench-marked education in even the most remote areas, Samsung Electronics Africa is showing its confidence in a prosperous Africa.”

The statement said: “Africa is considered the best continent for solar/bio-fuel. However, in order to see the projects brought to fruition, energy investment is immediately needed in the form of FDI and this is exactly what we are doing with our R&D into Solar Powered solutions.”

“Samsung Electronics Africa will continue to identify and support projects that add to the economic and social growth of the continent by analyzing the very specific needs promoted by the often remote and rugged environment. It’s time for Africa to shine.”

The statement said while Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Africa dipped somewhat over the past two years, it has been forecasted that it would increase by more than 10 per cent in 2013.

Investment into Angola, Mozambique and South Africa appears to be the most prominent, according to the African Economic Outlook 2013 report.

Source: GNA

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