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Development of society depends on family – NGO

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market1Mr Emmanuel Dzabaku, Co-Founder of Global Family Care, a non-governmental organization, on Monday said societal development depended on the strength and influence of the family union.

He said a formidable family union kept society orderly and maintained a culture of patriotism, hard work, truthfulness and respect for all.

Mr Dzabaku said this in Accra at the launch of “Embrace Ghana Empowerment Project”, a project that holds on to the power of the African family union to help in poverty eradication and wealth creation.

The organization believes that the family is the basic unit and the backbone of every enlightened society and that a healthy, united, well cultured, educated and spiritually sound family results in great nation.

Mr Dzabaku expressed concern how some parents pursue ambitious careers to the detriment of the family well-being, saying that dysfunctional relationships could create problems that could persist from one generation to the other.

He said the organization focuses on family empowerment, provide information on social networking among family’s communities, education, job creation and bring stakeholders together for sustainable development.

Mr Dzabaku said the organization is working with the deprive communities in the Volta Basin and called on government to speed up the job creation for the youth for national development.

The organization called for peace and tolerance before and after the Supreme Court verdict urging the media to be professional in the discharge of their duties to avoid unnecessary violence and conflict.

Mr Kuku Dzane, Chief Executive Officer of Employee Well-being Agency, said the influx of technology had disintegrated the family unit and stressed that unity was key to successful well-being of the family.

He called for family counseling as a way of resolving family issues, offers opportunity for a structured approach to a chaotic life event and enhances effective communication for family functioning.

Source: GNA

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