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Experts discuss ECOWAS rail project

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railwayRail infrastructural development experts from West African countries met on Friday in Accra to discuss modalities to implement the West Coast Speed-Rail Project aimed at addressing transportation deficiencies.

“Today’s meeting is to discuss the initial arrangements needed to bring full realization of the proposed West Coast Speed-Rail Project,” the Country’s Representative of Hammcobtb Engineering International Incorporation-Canada, said in a statement to welcome delegates from ECOWAS countries including, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Côte d’Ivoire.

Broadly the project is to transform the Region’s transportation system by launching new high speed passenger and goods rail services. It is also to facilitate major industrialization of countries, improve transportation of agricultural produce, and create immediate political awareness for further economic emancipation of the people.

Dr Dzegbla expressed the hope that delegates would come up with a firm resolution to realize the objective of the project and to enable the sub-region meet its transportation needs.

He said after the delegates’ meeting, a grand summit to involve respective ministers in charge of transport and ECOWAS team would be scheduled.

Chief Obaga Idow from Nigeria called on Heads of West African states to remain committed to the implementation of the project in order to ease myriad transportation difficulties hindering economic development.

He also asked the delegates to get actively involved to ensure the project was executed within a scheduled timeframe, saying “we need to learn the pitfalls in the West African Gas Pipeline project that took 35 years to start.”

A team of consultants has been assembled by Hammcobtb Engineering International Incorporation-Canada to initiate a design, construction specifications and implement a fast rail route for the West Coast of Africa.

Source: GNA

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  1. Very Very funny, Canada doesn’t have high speed rail and Ghana couldn’t maintain Colonial Rail Built in the country since 1920’s as well as Harbours. The rail sector in Ghana is deplorable, eyesaw, disgusted, full of weed, encroachers. Government in Ghana, Africa thinks about lining their pockets with all these resources which other countries in the world will love to have it to develop their country as well as Educate their people. Shame to these leaders. Just a JOKE!!!!