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Estate residents around Oyibi living in fear

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housingResidents of the Ayensu River Estate, Kas Valley Estate and the Oyibi Estate are calling for assistance and protection to stem the uncontrolled and daring activities of armed robbers in the area.

They said on virtually a daily basis, theft, burglary, armed robbery cases keep occurring in their homes, streets and neighbourhoods.

A source told the Ghana News Agency that the cause of the increase in robberies and the main suspects associated with them are known by the residents and many others in the neighbourhood but the police are still yet to arrest them for questioning.

In the Ayensu River Estates alone, the source said, about two months ago, a resident was shot dead during a robbery incident; a month ago, another resident was stabbed and left unconscious during another robbery attempt; and about two weeks ago, an armed robber was arrested at the Oyibi Estates after he was shot and wounded during a robbery attempt.

The source said these unfortunate acts are indeed besides the daily reports of robbery attempts in their homes, streets and neighbourhood adding that we keep reporting them to the Oyibi and Dodowa Police but this has not stemmed the activities of the daring and fearless robbers who seem to have informers assisting them.

Another source at the Ayensu River Estates said as none of the authorities seem to care about our plight, we now live in constant fear, for as soon as night arrives we know we are at the mercy of armed robbers and other social delinquents.

We need the presence of the police day and night to protect us, she said, adding that there is also the urgent need to arrest and interrogate all the identified suspects prowling through our neighbourhood.

“What is it”, said a pensioner and a worried resident of the area, “that the nation can do for us, after all our lives have been spent in the civil service? If the authorities cannot just ensure our peace of mind to sleep, then what then can they do for us?”

Source: GNA

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