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Ghana benefits from Cuba relations – Minister

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Flasback: Ghana's Vice President John Mahama (left) and his counterpart Vice President Estaban Lazo Hernandez (left) in a chat
Flasback: Ghana’s Vice President John Mahama (left) and his counterpart Vice President Estaban Lazo Hernandez (left) in a chat

Mr Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs over the weekend said government benefits from her bilateral relations with the Cuban government especially in the area of health and education.

Mr Quartey said thousands of African students have received medical and educational support in Cuba and had returned to the continent to help their communities.

The Minister said this at the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban revolution and the attacks on the Moncada barracks.

He said July 26, 1953 marked the day Commandente Fidel Castro and about 140 rebels attacked the federal garrison at Moncada in Santiago de Cuba and secured weapons and ammunition.

Mr Quartey said the attack was almost a total failure for the rebels, resulting in many of them being captured and executed, and Fidel and his brother Raul were put on trial.

He said the tremendous amount of goodwill between the two countries had translated into concrete result, with President Mahama being given the highest Cuban national award some few years ago.

Mr Quartey said the Cuban revolution’s foreign policy had an unwavering and strong advocate of reforms in global economic relations to meet the aspirations of developing countries.

Mr Tomas Mendez, the charge de Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, said the Cuban economy grew by 3.0 per cent in 2012 and it is expected to grow by 3.7 per cent in the current year.

He said the Cuban biotechnology industry has registered 24 products between drugs and vaccines, five products for the treatment of AIDS and 15 new medical equipments, adding that, in 2012 Cuba had an infant mortality rate of 4.6 per thousand live births.

Mr Mendez said Cuba appreciates the solidarity with Ghana, “when the motherland of Nkrumah votes every year at the United Nation in favour of the elimination of the United States of America blockade against Cuba.”

Source: GNA

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