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Commodity prices remain stable – Survey

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market1The weekly Esoko-GNA market survey conducted in Regional Centres across the country has revealed that for the second straight week, prices of food stuffs have remained stable at the various markets centres as at today, Friday.

In the Koforidua Municipality, commodity prices were unchanged for three consecutive weeks due to stable supply.

For Example, the prices of food stuffs such as cassava, tomatoes, yam, smoked fish, tilapia, okro, garden eggs and plantain have not changed over the weeks.

A bunch of Plantain sells at GH¢15.00 unchanged from the previous week and a bowl of tomatoes is going for GH¢8.00. A tuber of yam is being sold for between GH¢5 and GH¢3 depending on the size.

Four pieces of smoked fish are going for GH¢5.00 and four pieces of Tilapia sold at GH¢10.00 on Friday, July 26.

At the Nima market in Accra, prices of commodities were stable as there was no increment since last week Friday.

The market women attributed the relative stability of foodstuff prices to a decision from their suppliers to sell to them at the old prices.

A paint bucket of tomatoes at the Nima market is being sold at GH¢15.00,  whiles an ‘olonka’ of beans sold for GH¢7.00 as at Friday, and ground nuts for GH¢9.00 per bowl or olonka.

Three tubers of new yam are being sold at GH¢5.00 and four fingers of plantain are sold at GH¢5.00.

Prices of the food items in Kumasi, however, reflected an upward increase from last week.

In the Kumasi Central Market, the price of a crate of tomatoes remained unchanged at GH¢160.00

Similarly, the prices of a bag of onions and pepper were going for GH¢350 and GH¢120 respectively, the same as the previous week.

Source: GNA

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