Tourism Ministry initiates dance classes for city workers

Cultural DancersMrs Elizabeth Ofosu Adjare, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, has called on workers to develop healthy lifestyles by joining the dance classes initiated at the National Theatre.

She said this during the launch of a programme dubbed “Dance the Stress Away”, created by her Ministry for workers in the city.

“Dance the Stress Away” was created to help people learn the various local dances at the National Theatre on weekends and in the evenings after the day’s work.

Speaking at the inauguration on Friday, Mrs Adjare said the aim of the programme is to create another avenue for workers to spend quality time at a dance class instead of spending the time in the evening’s rush hour traffic.

The Minister and her entourage, who were treated to dancing lessons by dance instructors at the National Theatre, noted that such dance classes are the best means of dancing away the stress in life and at the same time ensure a healthier outlook.

“Instead of wasting fuel in the traffic, it would be more advisable to visit the National Theatre for some dance classes and also have some fun,” she suggested.

She appealed to people interested in dance classes to come to the National Theatre as they would be taught any local dance of their choice at very affordable rates.

Mrs Adjare said the initiative was also one of the means of generating funds for the Ministry and would be replicated in other regions.

Mrs Amy Appiah, Deputy Executive Director of the National Theatre, said the rates for the dance classes were as follows: an annual membership, GHȼ400; monthly payment, GHȼ40; and daily rate of GHȼ5.

She said classes starts at 5pm and ends at 7pm daily and also on weekends.

Source: GNA

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