Upper Denkyira West Assembly rejects DCE

voter2The Twenty-three members of the Diaso District Assembly on Friday failed to endorse the President’s nominee, Mr. Manfield Arthur Yankey as the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Area.

The assembly, by a majority of 14 votes against 9, rejected Mr Yankey as the DCE.

Not even the swearing in of six-new Government Appointees before the ballot could save the nominee, who for the past four years had been the DCE for the area.

The former Government Appointees were removed from office after Mr. Yankey failed to garner the required two-thirds majority of the Assembly, last week Wednesday, July 10.

The assembly last week voted against the DCE and the government appointees by 12 votes to 10, with one rejected ballot.

Pleas by the Regional Minister, Mr. Samuel Sarpong to the members of the Assembly to vote for the nominee to enable him to continue with the development projects he had initiated landed on deaf ears.

Article sixteen of the District Assemblies’ Standing Orders stipulate among others that the President’s nominee must get two-thirds majority of the Assembly to qualify as the DCE and if he or she gets 50 percent of the valid votes cast, there should be a second round of voting within ten days.

If the nominee fails to secure the two-thirds majority after the second round of voting, the President must withdraw his candidacy and make new nominations.

This indicates that Mr. Yankey had been rejected by his District Assembly and therefore will have his nomination withdrawn.

Source: GNA

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  1. isaac nsiah says

    it’s very shameful on the side of the appointees to reject their on presidential trustworthy nominee.i do believe that some of them are championing their selfish interest.the man has worked and need the second term to print out the vision of the John de Nob_1.

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