Car rental business booming in Ghana – Operator

chrysler-carsMr Seth Ocran, Chief Executive Officer of Yoks Investment, a car rental company in Accra, has said car rental has great prospects for Ghana.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Ocran said the boost in the business meant that companies needed to adopt operations that would help them to meet the demands of clients.

He noted that unlike some years ago, where licensed companies controlled a chunk of the rental market, because of their brand names, things have changed and most local companies had out-classed the so called power brands in the industry.

Mr Ocran said the success could be attributed to professionalism and quality of service being offered by the local companies.

“Most of my colleagues are faring very well,” adding that the transport sub-sector has very huge potentials if its economic benefit is well harnessed.

Source: GNA

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