Condoms use high in Accra – Survey

CondomsPatronage of condoms in Accra and its environs increases dramatically during the weekends and festive periods as compared to week days.

A survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency on the usage of condoms indicated that the recent hype that the product provides safety against sexually transmitted diseases had change the negative perception about its usage.

The survey revealed that patronage in the past was low as the use of condom was considered as immoral because it promoted sexual promiscuity.

However, the perception has changed due to recent publicity that focuses on the safety that condoms provide to users.

The survey uncovered different brands of condoms, including; Durex, Pleasure, Tiger, Contempo, Rough Ridder, Romantic, Champion, Inno, Kiss, Ghanzi, Fiesta, Cheers, Cobra, Protector Gold, Hitman, Gold Circle, Move, Guard, Man United, Chelsea, Pleasure Guard, Be Safe, Barcelona, Preventive and Adanzi.

The prices of condoms on the market ranges from Gh₵0.30 to Gh₵20.00 per pack at most of the shops GNA visited.

At the Jinlet Pharmacy at Tesano, Mrs Vincentia Aberful, told the GNA that: “due to the high publicity on the usage of condoms for safe sex and protection, customers boldly come to buy the product these days”.

She said the price of the condoms was based on the quality, texture and brand names, adding the purchases were based on customer’s financial situation, satisfaction required and other personal experiences.

Mrs Aberful appealed to pharmacists to educate customers on proper usage of condoms to help to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases”.

Mrs Beatrice Assanful at the Avenue Chemist noted that there were a few people who “still feel shy when they come to the store to buy condoms, especially when the one attending to them is a female. They prefer to buy from male pharmacist”.

At the Tesano Shell Station Mart, Miss Riclla Nyame, said the demand for condoms goes up during Valentine, Christmas and public holidays.

“My customers mostly purchase Rough Ridder and Kiss because of the publicity and affordability”, she said.

At Adabraka, Ms Lawrencia Acquaye a pharmacist at the Accra Chemist, said: “condoms are highly patronized by both the young and old. People walk in to buy irrespective of who is at the counter.

She said: “At times some women even walk in to buy….everyday is a market day for the sale of condoms, but weekends are special”.

GNA survey also revealed that the female condoms are not in the market due to low patronage when Ms Acquaye said: “I sell male condoms because the female condoms are not well patronized and they are no more in the system”.

Madam Grace Corpson, a pharmacist at the Frontline Pharmacy at Adabraka, said champion condoms, popularly known as CD, is the lowest priced condom on the market.

Ms Evelyn Larbi, also at Frontline Pharmacy explained that most people prefer the male condoms to the female ones “so we have stopped selling the female condoms”.

Ms Irene Inkoom, a pharmacist at Pardox Pharmacy at Adjie Kojo Klagon in the Tema municipality, said: “We have stopped selling female condoms here because people don’t buy them and it is very difficult for us to get on the market these days”.

Mr Michael Mensah, a pharmacist and owner of ST. Michael Herbal and Diagnostic Center, said: “even ladies who occasionally come here to buy male condoms don’t buy the female condoms, so I have stopped selling them’’.

Sometimes some customers feel shy so they write the name of the type of condoms they want to buy on a paper and send children to buy for them. All the same the condom business is doing well.”

GNA also visited the La Road Total Filling Station Mart, La Goil Filling Station, Mokat Chemist, and Dayden Pharmacy.

Source: GNA

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