Upper East farmers yet to receive total fertilizer supply

Fertilizer2Mr Cletus Achaab, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOFA) in Bolgatanga, has said though the region yet to receive its total quota of fertiliser, supply from dealers has been forthcoming.

He said out of 291, 966 bags which was the quota allocated to the region, 79,997 of Uria, Sulphate of Ammonia and NPK  have been received from six companies operating through dealers in the region including Yara Ghana, Chemico, OLAM, Afcot, LDC and AMG.

Details of the delivery obtained from the Monitoring and Evaluation division of MOFA in Bolgatanga highlight the quotas received.

The details reveal that Yara Ghana has supplied 40,856 bags of NPK out of the expected 48,361 bags; 7,141 bags of Sulphate of Amonia out of 16,242 bags.

The total quota for supply of Uria totalling 8,394 are yet to be received from Yara Ghana.

Chemico Company as of June had supplied 16,750 bags of NPK out of 42,341; the Sulphate of Ammonia received so far was 3,400 out of 12,225; and Uria 200 out of 9,308.

Meanwhile, OLAM Ghana had also supplied 5,300 out 29,020 of NPK and 2,700 bags Uria out of 14,783 bags.

Afcot Company had delivered 950 bags of NPK out of 24,274, also received were 800 bags of Sulphate of Ammonia out of 8,211; whilst 4,014 bags of Uria are yet to be received.

Among the quota for the region, AMG Company had supplied only 1900 bags of NPK out of 19,338, whilst 6,566 of Sulphate of Ammonia and 3,284 of Uria are yet to be received.

LDC Company has also supplied 13,300 bags of NPK out of 30,102 and the Uria it supplied so far was 2,172 out of 5,291. The Company is yet to supply additional 10,212 bags of Sulphate of Ammonia.

Mr Andrews Bukari, President of the Integrated Farmers Association (IFA), expressed gratitude to government for supporting farmers in the region with the fertilizer subsidy programme.

He said the delivery had greatly helped farmers who would not have had access to the product at the existing market rates.

Source: GNA

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