Kotobabi JHS students’ health under threat

PupilsThe Kotobaabi Abavana Junior High School (JHS) students are being exposed to health risks as their classrooms, corridors and the compound have been smeared with human faeces and blood.

It took the Assemblyman for the area, Mr Prince Tamakloe, the Head teacher of the School, Mr Michael Yeboah and the school children over six hours to wash and clean the faeces and blood stains before classes started last Friday.

Mr Tamakloe, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said he suspected criminals, who had been using the school as their base, to launch attacks and rob innocent people in the area.

He said community members in vicinity had complained of being robbed of their bags and mobile phones.

“I believed the fresh blood stains that we saw on the walls and on the corridors of the school testify that they might have attacked someone and wounded the fellow,” he explained.

The Assemblyman said he had reported the criminal activities of the group to the Police following complaints he received from the school authorities but no arrest as yet been made.

“I will be happy if the Kotobaabi Police will launch a midnight swoop in the said areas to arrest these criminals,” he said.

Mr Tamakloe said a community toilet facility was just close to the school, “so it is very difficult for me to attribute the mess being caused in the school to the residents in the in vicinity.”

Mr Yeboah, the head teacher of the school told the GNA that the open defecation started last Monday and continued to Friday and said the situation was not helping to promote teaching and learning.

“The situation will have health effects on the students and us the teachers and the earlier the security authorities intervene the better it will be for all of us,” he stated.

He said: “We have made many attempts to stop these drug pushers, but we are always met with insults and threat of death from these criminals.”

“I am surprised that a building close to the school was rented quarters (apartment) for the officers of the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the Police, yet we are not comfortable in the area.”

Miss Doris Sika Dzesu, Officer in charge of Ayawaso Central of the Ghana Education Service (GES), also appealed to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to build a wall around the school to ward-off the criminals from entering the compound.

Source: GNA

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