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PANAFEST to help dismantle colonialism – Minister

Cape Coast CastleMrs Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, Minister  of  Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts, has noted that  PANAFEST  and Emancipation Day commemoration, has set the tone for Africans to dismantle all forms of colonialism and neo-colonialism.

She said Africans both on the continent and beyond have to work harder to dismantle all forms stereotypes which have stifled Africa’s progress and development.

A statement issued in Accra on Friday and copied to Ghana News Agency said Africans need to put their act together to enjoy the natural endowments of the continent.

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare said: “As a people, we need to look beyond the annual celebration of PANAFEST by putting in place concrete actions to emancipate Africa from the yolk of conflicts, poverty, diseases, famine and underdevelopment, which has affected the development of our people up to this day.”

PANAFEST and Emancipation have the joint objectives to unite Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora to help develop Africa.

The twin events provide symbolic remembrance of the forebears of the struggle to emancipate Africa and Africans from colonialism.

“The wreath laying aspect is… commemoration of the roles by WEB Dubois, whose 50 years of remembrance is part of this year’s celebrations, George Padmore and Kwame Nkrumah.”

Mrs Ofosu-Adjare  noted that in the same vein, the forts and castles are also important to PANAFEST given the roles they played in the transhipment of slaves from our part of the world to the Americas and elsewhere.

This year’s celebration would coincide with the 50th anniversary of the African Union.

Activities planned for the occasion, includes wreath-laying ceremonies, which will take place at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, George Padmore Library and the WEB Du Bois Centre on July 22.

Pilgrimage to Northern Ghana to visit enslavements sites in Salaga, and other places, as well as a symbolic boat ride from Cape Coast Castle through the “Door of No Return,” to the Elmina Castle.

There will be a Grand Durbar of Royal Pageantry with international representatives celebrating OAU/AU@50 and Panafest @ 21 Edition on July 27, at the Cape Coast Victoria Park.

Major highlights of this year’s PANAFEST and Emancipation would be the Reverential Night at the Cape Coast Castle on July 31, which will be preceded by a candle light procession through the main streets of Cape Coast to the Castle dungeon for a tribute to the ancestors in the courtyard.

There will also be a midnight proclamation of Emancipation Day, on August 1,  and preceding that will be a mammoth Musical Concert to be organised by the Musicians Union of Ghana.

Source: GNA

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  1. PANAFEST 2013

    Eeei Ghana! are they really going to celebrate this important event at all? no publicity, nothing. Lets wake up ooooooo! Ghanians. We are lagging behind in tourism industry.. Our road networks very bad. No good access to our famous attraction sites. Packaging poor. Lets back up in the way in manner the Industry is been handled. The private sector is really suffering. Another suggestion: Hotel rates are also too high whenever you planning a tour for the tourist. We should have rules governing this sectors. Hotels rather give lower rates to the foreigners than the local Tour Operators in the Country.

    Madam Minister, it is really a serious issue in our country Ghana.. Do something. This is the time PLEASE!!!!!!!