Prices of commodities drop in Koforidua market

market1Prices of commodities, particularly foodstuffs, continue to drop at the Koforidua Market, a Ghana News Agency weekly survey has revealed.

The reduction of prices is attributed to the onset of the rains as well as the harvesting of crops such as cassava, cocoyam, and plantain.

A heap of cassava or cocoyam that cost Ghc 5.00 is being sold at Ghc 1 (cassava) and Ghc 2 (cocoyam) depending on the quantity.

However, the price of yam remains high as compared to the situation a few weeks ago.

Four weeks ago, a small tuber of yam was sold for Ghc 5 while a big yam cost Ghc 7 but on Friday, small ‘new yam’ cost Ghc 6 and Ghc 10 for big yam.

Four smoked fish which was sold at Ghc 10 is being sold for Ghc 5 for the same quantity whiles the prices for garden eggs, okro, pepper, kontomire, cabbage and green pepper have dropped.

A bowl of tomatoes remained at Ghc 10 and four pieces of tilapia which was sold for Ghc 10 is now being sold for Ghc 5, being three pieces of the same size.

Source: GNA

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  1. kerry says

    Trade Cocoa in Ghana not in London England. just like Diamonds are being traded in Botswana now, now, now, now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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