Ghana’s lack of computer policy said to have created wastage in use

ictMr Kosi Kedem, President of the forum for former Members of Parliament said lack of national computer policy and networking has brought about wastage, negative and inefficient use of the computer.

He said members were aware of the ill fated, inefficient and badly managed computer system like the Customs Excise and Preventive Service automated system for Customs data, compromised SSNIT’s database, Ministry of Education’s unreliable integrated personal pay data base and the Ghana commercial bank computer system.

Mr Kedem said this at a one day Information Communication Technology (ICT) training programme for former members of Parliament in Accra.

He said the nation has bemoaned the upsurge of computer or cyber crime and fraud and has to live with the pain of people using the computer to store, disseminate and promote pornography and other immoral activities.

“We look on helplessly as our websites are used as a platform for insults, promotion of tribalism and political and religious bigotry and intolerance” he noted.

Mr Kedem expressed surprise that in the absence of a national computer and information technology policy, government has tried to distribute free computers to school children and has also tried to build network systems like GCNET, as well as creating a fund to promote the use of ICT and warned that all these will come to “zero if there is no policy on ICT”.

Without legislation on the use of ICT, people should be prepared for unlimited abuse of the computer with its attendant undesirable evils like computer pornography, cyber crimes and fraud, he said.

He expressed optimism that the only national ICT policy and legislation can bring sanity and ensures the proper use of the computer for national development, urging the government to consider a proposal made by him on the issue of national computer policy in 1996 in Parliament.

He said there was need for government to set up a national advisory committee on ICT, which among other things would advise government on the proper use and application of computers in national development.

Source: GNA

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